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A Joint Supplement for People of All Ages
Helps prevent and heal joint wear and tear due to aging, overuse, injuries or arthritis. Arthrosamine™ contains no herbs, drugs, painkillers or other ingredients that negatively interact with the body or any medication or medical treatment, including high blood pressure medication, hormone therapy, epilepsy, chemotherapy, and an array of other commonly treated problems. People on Viox® and Celebrex® are normally able to drastically reduce or completely eliminate the use those potentially harmful drugs (scientifically shown to be potentially damaging to the liver & kidneys and to inhibit actual healing of bones and joints) within 12 months of being on Arthrosamine™. It gives the body nutrients it needs, in a form it can use, to help it heal joint related problems! Arthrosamine™ offers Total Joint Health™. And it comes with our RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE! (See home page for details.)

"Many of our older patients required a quality joint supplement. Osteo-BiFlex, Pain Free, MoveFree, Arthro7, and the other "popular" large marketing budget products were better than nothing. However, after discovering and implementing Arthrosamine™ in our treatment process, results were physically noticed, healing occurred and pain was either reduced or completely removed, and our patients consistently felt better. This product is the best joint formula available and people are regularly benefiting from MD's Choice's nutritional developments and their understanding of the science for real nutrition and actual treatment oriented solutions. Keep up the good work." – Dr. Michael Bishop, MD, PhD, FACOG, Women's Health Group.

Ingredients: Each serving contains 1,167 mg Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL, 584 mg Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), 250 mg Ascorbate (Vitamin C), and 8 mg Manganese (amino acid chelate). Sizes available: 120 count (60 day maintenance supply for the avg. person).

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